Weed Surfer

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Above: 8m Weed Surfer
Weed Surfer

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The original 6.4m Weed Surfer weighs just 700kg suitable for standard tractor pickup hitch. It has ten 4 blade rotors giving a 6.4 metre cutting path. Drive is from the tractor’s 1000 rpm power take off shaft through machine input slip clutch to gearboxes interconnected with drive shafts. CTM now offer an 8.9m Weed Surfer has fourteen 4 blade rotors giving a 8.9 metre cutting path.

Its original operating height of 300mm (12 inches) can be extended to 850mm or a full 1 metre by the addition of extension brackets without placing undue strain on the PTO. This enables the Weed Surfer to tackle weed infestation and weed beet in sugar beet and a variety of organic crops such as beans and cereals.

Users have successfully used it on charlock, wild oats within wheat and barley, thistles in beans and peas, including topping out plants to increase yield and tackle black fly infestation. Weed surfer has also proved effective cutting extended weed growth in red beet and carrots and docks in pasture land.

The Weed Surfer has adjustable wheels for variable row widths and road transportation, the machine being end towed. Road lighting is standard. Optional hydraulic wheels are available, enabling the operator to adjust the angle of the Weed Surfer to compensate for changes in field terrain

There are 2 models:

8m          10 rotors              6.4m cutting path             700kg

10m       14 rotors              8.9m cutting path                TBC

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